You Have My Heart ♥

These notes are going to be all over the place, but that’s just my life right now.

-I really love my boyfriend. He is so sweet and does so much for me. He is so supportive and is always there for me. He listens to me and he calms me down. But I am SO tired of fighting. Some days, I just feel like I don’t say anything right. I say “ok” with some strange emoji and its “not the right response” or I say exactly what he says, and then its wrong and makes him mad that I said that. I hate feeling like I’m a horrible girlfriend, because I really know I’m not. I put my all into this relationship. I tell him every day that I love him and that I miss him. I make him dinner, I cook him breakfasts, I do everything. So I shouldn’t feel like I’m not doing enough. I really do love him. I really do want to be with him. The good out weighs the bad but I shouldn’t be left with “bye”. I just feel broken, and now I won’t sleep. Urg. :|
-I might have gotten a job for fall which would be perfect. Ill start in August as a nanny. Ill be making 15/hr at 35 hours minimum a week! :) I should be ecstatic right now, because I have been looking for a job and this is PERFECT for also being in school, but instead I am upset and feel like shit because of boyfriend drama that is so UNNECESSARY! Urg.
-I think I found my school for next fall, which is exciting news!
-I’m on my period, so I am ugly and grumpy and emotional.
-I hate being fat, and I am ready to focus on myself
-I need a break
-I hate crying
-can someone just send me some sappy love note? I don’t even care if you have to lie, I just need to know that I’m at least a little cared about right now
-my life is hectic


A little affection would be nice.

Don’t just assume people know how you feel, they still want up be reminded of how important they are. Even if its just wrapping your arms around them and hugging them tight. Don’t just assume..

I hate feeling like you don’t matter.


That horrible moment when you keep checking your phone for a text you know you’re not going to get.

I seriously don’t understand people.

Why text me and tell me that you miss me and want me back in your life when you NEVER make an effort to see me or talk to me. I have made ALL of our plans to hang out, most of the conversation starters, and most of the effort, when I wasn’t even then one that text you! It’s so frustrating to me to have people that never WANT to make an effort with me. I understand, work and school and boyfriends and best friends and family. I have all of that too, but it really hurts my feelings to know that I am not even thought of throughout your life to even receive a text once in awhile. Sometimes, I like to be noticed too, not just be the one noticing.
I feel like I shouldn’t have let you back in my life. Because it is exactly how it has been, and that is why I left in the first place.
Sorry you had to listen to this, tumblr friends. 3

Can I just leave everything behind and go to the happiest place on earth with my boyfriend?